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Work Flow of Inbound Marketing

Work Flow of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing does not work as the traditional marketing works. The process is quite different in inbound marketing. It is just same as the funnel in which visitors are attracted from the top and come out the bottom as customers. Inbound Marketing starts with attracting traffic with the exclusive content that you have shared with the people. It follows with converting the visitors into leads and then afterwards sales. In the last analysis is made for the further improvement in the process. Let's have a brief look at the tactics which are adopted in the work flow for inbound marketing.


Step#1. Get Found

Customers are attracted to view the website of company with the help of Get Found tactic. It is considered as the most important tactic as if more visitors are attracted towards the content then likely there is a chance of generating more leads. Here are some of the important inbound get found tactics.

  • Blogging- A blog is the best way to attract new customers to the website. In order to get found by prospective customers, you need to have interesting and unique content that attracts them and also a blog in which that content is presented.
  • Search Engine Optimization-As the customers begin their online process by searching on the search engines therefore efforts be made to list your content in the beginning.
  • Social Media-If content is shared or discussed on the social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn then there is a chance of more traffic on your website.
  • Content Marketing- The content marketing includes white papers, podcasts eBooks and webinars. It is also another get found tactic.

Step#2. Convert

The company can attract as many visitors to its website through get found tactics but if these visitors are not converted into leads then there is not much benefit of those get found taxtics. The convert tactits are used to convert the visitors into leads. Here are some of the important convert tactics.

  • Calls to action-The buttons or links that encourage the visitors to take some action like "Download" or "Sign up" are the calls to action. These are very important to generate leads.
  • Landing pages-Whenever a visitor takes some action then they should be sent to a landing page where information about the customer is collected.
  • Email Marketing-The contacts that you have attained from the landing pages are then mailed so that a long term relationship is made with that lead.
  • Lead nurturing-These campaign aims to engage customers.
  • Marketing automation-It means that what type of data or content you are going to share with recipient.

Step#3. Analyze

Analysis is the critical category of inbound marketing. By the analysis you can measure the results of your efforts that how many sales are made and figure out the improvements which are required in your campaign.

  • Key Metrics- Most of the inbound marketers uses the sales and marketing funnel to frame their analysis which includes website visitors, leads and customers. The movement of people from one stage to another is measured in the conversion rate. The performance of the content posted should also be measured by tracking.
  • Questions- There are number of questions which needs to be asked while you are analyzing like are you getting as many leads as your customers or are you happy with your lead volume not your sales.
  • Goal Setting- You must need to set specific business goals like what are your goals for the next year or what marketing program is needed to achieve those goals.


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