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Inbound Marketing-The Marketing of New Era

Inbound Marketing-The Marketing of New Era

Marketing has evolved over the years with the advent of internet. Now the traditional methods of marketing are considered not as much effective as the marketing efforts made on internet. Inbound marketing is a type of internet marketing that leverages the online community with its positive image, engages the viewers and builds a long term relationship with the customers. Brian Halligan of HubSpot coined this term of inbound marketing. The term is synonymous with the permission marketing which was coined by the marketing guru Seth Godin. The concept of permission marketing is also same as inbound marketing.

inbound marketing

Inbound marketing earns the attention of the customers and draws the customers to the website of the company. HubSpot defines inbound marketing as "marketing with a magnet, not a sledge hammer-marketing base on contact that attracts and nurtures prospects, not spam that interrupts them". It means that you are attracting the customers with informative and entertaining content on the internet. The content is presented in the form of blogs, podcasts, videos, e-newsletters, SEO and social media marketing. The companies don't need to beat with sledgehammer method which includes traditional advertising, buying attention, Email marketing and traditional marketing. Thus we can say that it is the marketing trend of modern era. Let's have a look at some of the key points of inbound marketing which signifies its importance as compared to the traditional marketing.

  • Cost is the major factor that signifies the inbound marketing. It costs less than traditional marketing.
  • Communication is interactive and two ways in the case of inbound marketing while in the tradition marketing the communication is one way.
  • Value is provided by the Marketers in the inbound marketing while in the case of traditional marketing no or little value is provided.
  • Engagement of customers is very high as they are interacting with the content of company. They can give their comment or feedback in return.
  • Content provided is aimed to be informative and interesting in the inbound marketing. Marketers seek to entertain or educate the readers with the content provided in the inbound marketing.
  • Customers are being attracted to the businesses by search engines, referrals and social media in the inbound marketing whereas is the traditional media customers are sought out via print, TV, radio, direct mail and outdoor advertising.

Inbound marketing is especially effective for small businesses. As the small business don't have as much resources as the giant corporations have to spend on the advertising therefore the business which have online presence and are providing the knowledgeable products like software, mobile applications, gadgets and the business consultancy services must opt the inbound marketing. These products require long researches therefore information about the importance and need of these products are shared on the internet.


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