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Pros and Cons of Pay per Click Advertising

Pros and Cons of Pay per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a popular form of advertising on the internet. It works on the pay per click model which means that advertiser would pay only when the ad is clicked. This form of advertising is very effective for driving traffic to the new websites. The traditional advertising is very expensive and only the companies with big marketing budgets can bear the expenses and the small businesses can't even think of competing them as the small businesses have low or no budgets for advertising. We can say that pay per click advertising is an easy and cost effective way for small businesses to compete with all other businesses as it charges only when someone clicks on ad. If your competitor is using it and you are not then there is a chance that you would miss many potential customers just by ignoring it. Search engine optimization (SEO) is a technique by which your website appears at the higher position in the search result without spending money, but also it would not provide the guarantee that your website appear at the top as in the case of pay per click advertising. Let's have a look at some of the pros and cons of pay per click advertising.

Pros of pay per click advertising

  • Pay per click advertising is very fast and the results obtained from it are quick. The advertisers do not wait for the ads to be shown as ads are set and then visible instantly. Businesses can achieve instant increase in traffic within short time span.
  • It is much targeted as you have given the time date and location for the ads. Ads would be shown only to those people whom you are targeting.
  • The conversion rate of pay per click advertising is more than search engine optimization. Conversion rate means how many visitors are converted into the customers of company so in the case of pay per click advertising there are more customers.
  • As it is mentioned earlier that there is not any guarantee that with SEO your website would appear at the top where as PPC provides. Thus we can say that pay per click advertising is more reliable as compared to the other.
  • In the banner advertising you pay for the impressions that how many people have seen that ad whereas in pay per click advertising you are going to pay only for the actual traffic.


Cons of pay per click advertising

  • In the pay per click advertising you have to pay for every single click regardless of whether that visitor would be converted to buyer.
  • It is comparatively expensive as compared to other types of internet marketing. These ads can quickly add a lot of expenses in a short time period.
  • One of the major disadvantages is the bidding war for popular keywords and search items. As in the case of pay per click advertising one who bids higher amount would come top in the search list therefore you need to spend more money to bid higher amount.
  • Another major disadvantage is click fraud and accidental clicks. Your competitor can click your links many times so that you would be run short of money. Also sometimes publishers attempt to click ads placed on their own website so that they would make more money. Visitors can also click accidentally by not paying attention to what they are looking at. It also causes loss for the advertisers.



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