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Pay per click Advertising

Pay per click Advertising

Internet has revolutionized the marketing. Now, the businessmen don't need to be worry about placing an ad in the newspaper or some other media of traditional advertising to bring some traffic into their business. The small businesses can even promote their product or company by adopting different type of internet marketing at the comparatively less cost. Pay per click advertising is also one of the type of internet marketing. It is an advertising model in which advertisers only pay money to the publishers i.e. search engines or website owner when their ad is clicked. As pay per click advertising works on the principle of cost per click model therefore the more the advertisers have clicks on the ad the more they will be charged. By using pay per click advertising you can approach to the millions of customers within the short span of time and you are not charged on the basis of the impression and reach of your add but instead on the basis of clicks by viewers. As Google AdWords guru Perry Marshall said , never before in the history of advertising has it been possible to spend $5, write a couple of ads, and get instant access to over 100 million people in less than 10 minutes. therefore we can say that pay per click is better than traditional advertising.

PPC advertising

How does it work?

The users search on the internet writing some keywords query on the search box. Search engine shows a list of websites and links on the search engine result page. As we know that when we search something on the internet then the results of our search would be hundreds and thousands of links therefore we used to prefer the links on the first page and usually on the top of the list. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing show the sponsored links on the top, adjacent or bottom of the organic links on the search engine result page and the promotion of these links works on the model of pay per click advertising. Such sponsored links are displayed on the result page when keyword query from the user matches an advertiser's keyword list. The amount you pay when someone clicks on your ad is called as cost per click. For instance if you have allocated a budget of 100 dollars for your campaign and the cost per click is 2 dollars then after 50 clicks your ad would be disappeared. The cost per click is determined on the various factors which include how many people use the same keywords for their advertising, the ratio of ad clicked to the ad displayed and the quality i.e. relevance of the people who clicks your advertisement.

Pay per click advertising networks

Every search engine with significant market share offers the services of pay per click advertising. Here is the brief description of three major engines.

  • Google Adwords- Google Adwords is the pay per click advertising network owned by Google. As Google is the market leader in the search business and posses more traffic therefore cost per click is expensive as compared to other advertising networks.
  • Yahoo Search Marketing-It is owned by Yahoo and search engine of Yahoo is considered as the second most used search engine. If the goal is to build instant visibility on search engine then yahoo search marketing is an excellent option to use.
  • Microsoft Adcenter-It was launched in 2006 and it allows the advertisers to "bid" on the keywords same as the Google Adwords and Yahoo search marketing.


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