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How to get better open rates for your Email?

How to get better open rates for your Email?

It is complained about the email marketing that the companies spend a lot of money in sending emails to the prospects but the goals are not achieved and all the effort of email marketing goes into trash. Even most often recipients don't open the emails from business as they considered it to be spam. Thus it results in the loss of prospects, leads and the customers. Here are some key points so that the open rates for your email would go better.

Better open Email

Avoid Spam Words

If your email contains a lot of spam related words then there are very few chances that even your prospects are even getting them. Spam filters are installed in the email account and these are getting sensitive day by day. If the spam filters find any spam words like free, cheap, work from home, click here, discount, special offer, limited time from the sender's email then it would allow it to be in inbox of the recipient and automatically delete it. Therefore you should avoid using these words so that spam filter would allow your mail to be in the mail box.

Subject Lines and Sender

If the spam filter allows your email to be get through the inbox then still there is a chance that receiver would not open it. The subject line and the sender's information play a key role at this stage. If you have a subject line which is over promising like "I lost 100 pounds in 7 days" or the over claim like "increase in 600 percent sales" then the recipient would avoid opening that mail. Therefore you must try to be real, convincing and also little bit intriguing in your subject line as it creates a good impact on the recipient and lead him to open the mail. Be sure that the "from field" is also full of information that is the name and address of the sender. The name of your company is a good away to be put in this field as it helps to ensure recognition and trust. The personal names should be used only when they are recognizable by the recipients. The "noreply" or other system addresses should not be used as these are less likely to be open.

Send Relevant Content

The content that you are sending in your email should be relevant and valuable for the prospects. A valuable content could contain a special offer that appeals to buyers, useful educational content, entertainment content that is requested by the prospects. Emails should also be send to current list. Avoid sending emails to the people who are not relevant and also outdated for your offering.


I you are sending too many email to your prospects then it would result in the end of the relationship between you and your prospect. Also if the frequency of sending email is low from side then it would also result in weakening of the relationship as your prospect might forget you. Therefore you should take the moderate path and send the emails after suitable time interval. You can also do research and surveys with the prospects of your industry so that you would know about how often you should send the email.


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