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Email Marketing

Email Marketing

All of us receive emails whether we are student, employer or the employees. The internet world is incomplete without the emails. Millions of emails are sent daily to millions of recipients. In fact it is considered as an essential component of all communication in the modern age. Therefore, marketers give much importance to the promotion of their products via email. Formally we can say that Email marketing is a direct marketing instrument of sending commercial messages to a group of people. In a broad sense we can say that every email sent to current or potential customer is considered as email marketing. The objectives of email marketing are following

  • To inform the current or potential customers about the product and services offered by the business.
  • Persuading the customers about what they are offering is the best deal offered and they must avail it.
  • Enhancing the relationship of company with its current or previous customers to encourage customer loyalty and repeat buying.
  • Building brand loyalty, trust and awareness among the customers.
  • Solicit sales or donations from other businesses.

Email marketing is done by all sort of business who has prospective buyers on internet. Email marketing is also considered as an effective tool for the promotion of product or services in Business to Business market. As in B2B market you need a direct marketing effort with the business therefore concise emails and proposals are sent through email to the clients. In B2C markets emails are sent either to cold list which is available from many vendors of the email marketing with the multiple emails sending software or to the current customer database of the company. Firms spend billions of dollars all over the world on email marketing. Researchers estimate that the US firms alone spend approximately $1.6 Billion on email marketing in 2012 and will grow to $2.5 Billion by 2016.

Email Marketing

Advantages and disadvantages of email marketing

Email marketing in comparison with other means of traditional advertisements such as billboards, newspapers and television ads proved its cost effectiveness. Let's have a look at some of the other advantages of email marketing.

  • The company doesn't need to spend money or allocate big budgets for email marketing. All they need is internet and email lists of potential or current customers.
  • Email marketing is fast in its nature. The minimum time is spent on email marketing campaigns and fast results are obtained.
  • Advertisers can reach a substantial number of customers who already gave their consent to receive such emails and are interested in the services or products that are advertised.
  • Opt-in marketing is undoubtly effective. It means that you already have recipient's permission to receive emails from you. They know your company, its services and products so therefore they are interested in new information from you.

There are also some disadvantages or we can say limitations of email marketing which are given as follow.

  • As the spam filters are offered by the email services companies like hotmail, gmail and yahoo therefore many of the advertisement emails are filtered these days.
  • Many of the emails are deleted by receiver even being unread. This fact reduces the opportunity to gain new customers.


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