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Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

Types of Email Marketing Campaigns

The business should determine the purpose of email marketing campaigns and then choose the appropriate email type that serves the need. Email marketing can be carried out through different type of mails which includes transactional emails, sponsorship emails, lead nurturing emails, email newsletter, surveys and invitation emails.

Email Marketing

Let's have a look at these types.

#1: Transactional Emails

This is the email that you received after having completed an action. These actions may include buying a product, signed up for a service and account on the internet. These types of emails serve as a sort of receipt which shows that the transaction occurs and also account detail information when you signed up. As these transactional emails contain useful information therefore these are generally welcomed and also these emails have a high click rate. If this form of email requires any other type of action then you can expect to have some immediate un-subscribers.

#2: Sponsorships Emails

Sponsorships emails are used to promote other brands or the other companies. These emails are sent with mention or link of the other brand. It helps to expand customers of one brand with the help of account of the other brand.

#3: Surveys

The objective of survey is to find out what exactly the challenges or the problems that your customers are facing about the usage of your product. It also helps the companies to improve their product as suggestions are coming directly from the customers. It is also useful in strengthening the relationship with the customers by showing that you are listening and genuinely care about their problems.

#4: Invitations

These types of emails are focused on inviting the readers to attend some events or something like this including teleseminar, webinars or visiting the website of the company. These emails must be short, right to the point and must not take much of the time from the reader.

#5: Lead Nurturing Emails

These emails are sent out two prospective leads or customers. The main aim of these emails is to inform the customers and convince them on all the possible reasons why they should use your product or services. Lead nurturing email campaign helps a lot in converting the prospective leads to customers.

#6: Dedicated Emails

These emails are single emails and are meant to notify the customers about the specific actions they can perform. These actions are like "Save Now", "Download Now" and "Buy Now". These types of emails have a greater impact on the targeted audience and also return on investment is easily measured.

#7: Email Newsletters

An email campaign consisting of several articles all aimed at achieving one objective and that is promotion. These are typically distributed once a month or more frequently depending upon the readers. These are usually most viewed email as people have subscribed to it and are most likely to read it. Most newsletters contain company information, latest product info, helpful articles and latest news. The newsletter must be full of interesting and valuable content which is easy to read.



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