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Approaches for Targeting on Internet

Approaches for Targeting on Internet

When the strategy for some business is developed then being a marketing person three things are always considered which involves segmentation, targeting and positioning. The same rule applies for the marketing on internet. As internet is used by people from different demographics, geo-graphics and psycho-graphics therefore a single message is not for all the diverse types of users. Therefore different approaches are used to target someone on the internet for advertising and promotion of the products or services. Let's have a look at these approaches.


#1: One-to-one approaches

In this approach marketers target the people who use internet alone on their browsers. As they are on the internet for personal use therefore one-to-one approach is adopted so that messages from the marketer reach to them personally. This type of approach is used in different methods of internet marketing which includes search marketing, search engine keywords entered by the users and pay per click method.

#2: Appeal to specific interests approach

In this approach marketers place an emphasis on appealing to the people of specific interests and behavior. The broad consideration of demographics which includes age, gender, occupation, education and the consideration of geographic of the target market is ignored in this approach. Only those people are targeted who share same behavior and interests and to achieve this purpose behavior targeting is used. In Behavioral targeting different behavioral patterns are figured out and then used for the purpose of putting up in the relevant context which is suitable for the interest of viewers. Cookies and contextual advertising that is publishing of ads based on the context of user's interests and behavior are used in this approach.

#3: Niche marketing approach

Market niche is the unexplored area of market. It is usually a sub segment of a larger market segment. These niche markets are also present on the internet. If these niche markets are identified then it helps the marketer to spend less recourse on promotion and also efficiently target the customers. Similarly on the internet those customers who are regular buyer or the people who are most likely to buy the product being advertised is targeted in the niche marketing approach. The advertising campaigns or the messages which are more directed to the potential customers are created.

In the niche marketing approach, the marketers attempt to increase the chance that the product advertisement will be seen by the customers in relevant niche with the combination of search engine optimization.

#4: Geo-targeting approach

Segmentation is also done by targeting the customers on the geographical basis. In the internet marketing geo-targeting refers to the same as segmentation and identification of target market on the basis of geographical basis. The objective of this approach is to provide the relevant message or advertisement on the basis of the geographical location of the viewer who visits the webpage. The viewer is shown advertisements of the products or services which are available in the region of the viewer. This approach is mostly used on those websites which have global traffic and the people from different geographical location visits the page. These viewers are identified on the basis of country, IP addresses, ISP and other criteria with the help of geo location software.




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