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PreMechanical Era

PreMechanical Era

It is the earliest period of human communication. In this region, People started the communication in simple ways i.e. through speech or symbols, which then become more complex and convenient.

It has following Phases:

1. Speech:

It is the earliest form of communication between the human beings. In this process, a person speaks out combination of different words which is called sentence, the receiver must be able to understand those words, otherwise communication will fail. Human speech is in different languages containing different words. Speech is also dependent on a particular area as different regions have their own language.


2. Symbols:

It is the second form of communication which was evolved after speech. Some imperfections in speech lead to the creation of some new forms of communication which improves both the range and longevity of communication. A symbol is basically a conventional representation of a concept. Following are some types of symbols:

  • Cave Paintings:

These are the oldest known symbols which were used for the purpose of communication. It was a form of Rock Art in which human beings began to draw their ideas in the form of paintings. It was the first form in which human beings began to pass their information to others.

Cave Painting

  • Petroglyphs:

It was the next step in the history of communication in which people began to carve their ideas on the surface of rock. It took 10,000 years for humans to move from cave paintings to petroglyphs which evolved around 3000BC.


  • Pictogram:

Pictogram were the next step in the evolution of human communication. A pictogram is a symbol which represent an object, activity, period or place. It was a form of proto-writing in which ideas were transmitted to others in the form of drawings. The main difference between Petroglyph and Pictogram is that Petroglyphs simply represent an event but Pictogram gives explanation of an event by telling story about that event.


  • Ideograms:

Pictograms were then converted into Ideograms. The reason for the evolution of Ideograms was that pictograms could only give a concept, not an idea. For example, a Pictogram of circle could represent sun but not the concepts like heat, energy and day.


  • Writing:

Then Ideograms were evolved into Writing which is representation of a language in the form of text through the use of some specific signs or symbols. As human beings cover their ways to more efficient and easier communication writing become an ideal method for recording and representation of any event or idea. Early alphabets which were developed were Pheonician alphabets. When alphabets became more popular, people started to write down the information. Now people were writing all the information which they needed to store, this was the time, when books and libraries were developed. It was also the period in which Numbering system was introduced.



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