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ElectroMechanical Era

ElectroMechanical Era

The discovery of ways to store the electricity in this era proved to be a key point in the history of Information Technology. Information now can be converted in electronic impulses. Following are some of the great inventions of history of this era:

  • Voltaic Battery:

It was the first electrical battery which was able to provide continuous electric current to a circuit. It was devised by Alessandro Volta. This invention lead to many other inventions including electrical decomposition of water and isolation of chemical elements. So, now energy can be stored and can be provided to any circuit. The strength of this battery was dependent on EMF(electromotive force) which is energy provided by a battery and it is expressed as energy per unit of charge.

Voltaic Battery

  • Telegraph:

It was an electrical device which was used for sending or receiving messages. It was used for long distance transmission of message without the use of any physical medium which could carry message. A special method is used in telegraph for communication which must be known to both sender as well as receiver to complete the communication. Message is encoded in a special format which is decoded and translated by receiver on receiving the message. This technology was widely used by ships.


  • Telephone:

It was most important telecommunication invention which was invented by Graham Bell. It converts the voice into electrical signals which are then transmitted over long distances through cables. This technology allowed two or more people to talk with each other even if they are across long distance.


  • Computer:

Before the invention of computers, most of the calculations were done by humans. Some instruments were available to assist humans in their calculations as well as communication, But invention of computers proved to be the most important step in the history of technology which provide us with several services. Several devices have been used for computing, but the first programmable computer was Z1 which was created by Konrad Zuse, It is considered to be the first electro-mechanical binary computer and it is also the first functional computer.

Then Harvard Mark 1 computer was build in 1941 in Harvard University, which was also an electromechanical computer. These computers were heavy, bulky, expensive and slow. Then in 1943 Colossus was invented which was an electric programmable computer. These computers used Vacuum tubes which were electronic tubes. Each computer has thousands of these tubes. There were several problems with these tubes including:

  • Vacuum tubes generate a lot of heat which causes many problems in regulation as well as climate control.
  • These tubes also burnt out frequently.
  • These tubes were also injurious for the health of peoples operating these computers.

 Harvard Mark 1


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