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Computer Mouse

Computer Mouse

"A computer mouse is a pointing and selecting device, which works by detecting the two dimensional motion relative to the surface on which it is placed."

It is a device with two or more buttons on it, providing several functionalities. All the computer mouse have two basic buttons known as right-button and left-button. These buttons works by click. Left button is used for selecting anything and right button is used to extract the options regarding that object. These options include the tasks which can be performed on a particular item or object. A mouse can have some more buttons on it, providing several functionalities.


The trackball, which is a pointing device consist of a ball in a socket which determine the rotation of the ball, was invented in 1952 by Tom Cranston, Fred Longstaff and Kenyon Taylor. Because, it was a secret military project, the military does not introduced it to world openly. The first mouse was invented in 1963 by Douglas Engelbart and Bill English. It consist of a wooden box having some circuits and wheels within it and a wire attached to its bottom end, so, it looks like a real mouse. That is why it is called mouse. Before Douglas Engelbart could release his demo, a mouse released by German company Telefunken. Unlike earlier mouse, it had a ball with the help of which, it operates. After that, mice were build by several companies and enormous improvements have been made.

Types of Mouse:

1. Mechanical Mouse:

It was the mouse which contains ball. The rotation of ball determines the motion of pointer. It has two freely rotating rollers which are located at 90 degrees to each other. One roller detects the forward-back motion of the ball while other roller detects the right-left motion of the ball. There is another third roller, which pushes the ball towards other two rollers. These rollers are attached to a circuit board. When a mouse is moved, The ball inside it moves, thus, the rollers also moves in accordance with the movement of the ball. Hence, a signal is sent to computer, to move the pointer in the same way, the mouse is moved.

Mechanical Mouse

2. Optical Mouse:

This type of mouse use optical light instead of ball, to determine the motion of mouse. It consist of a tiny camera which takes thousands of pictures of the surface every second. It has a small and red light emitting diode which bounces the light from the surface (on which mouse is placed) onto the semiconductor sensor. The sensor sends the signal to digital signal processor which determines the pattern of image and also determine that how much mouse is moved and then sends this information to computer, The computer moves the cursor in response to the information received from digital sensor processor. This process is done thousands of times, each second, so that movement of cursor seems smooth.

Optical Mouse

3. Inertial and Gyroscopic Mouse:

These are also termed as Air Mouse, because they don't need any surface to operate, we can use them in air. They are usually wireless. They also have a switch to deactivate their movement, so that, a user can move freely to anywhere without affecting the cursor's position.

Inertial Mouse

4. Ergonomic Mouse:

These mice are specially designed to fit in the human hand without giving them any sort of injury.

Ergonomic Mouse

5. Gaming Mouse:

These are specially designed for playing games on computer. They have a lot of control buttons on them and they are also very different in shape from traditional mouse.

Gaming Mouse


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