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Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware

Computer hardware refers to all the physical elements that makes up a computer. All the hardware can be physically touch, while in contrast, Software can't by physically touch. Software are ideas, applications , concepts that don't have physical existence. But both hardware and software make up a computer system together. Now, computer hardware are light weight, less in size as well as easy to use. But in past these hardware requires manual help for their operation and they were also huge in size. As technology is getting better, hardware are becoming more small as well as efficient.

Following are some major hardware that makes up a computer system:

  • Keyboard:

Keyboard is an input device which looks like a type writer as it has a lot of keys in specific arrangements. Each key on a keyboard has some specific functions which are executed when a specific key is pressed. Combination of some keys is also used as ShortCuts. Each shortcut has its own specific function i.e. pressing "Cntrl" key with "C" key is used to copy anything.


  • Mouse:

Mouse in a pointing and selecting device having two buttons on it (some modern mouse have a scroll as well). Through mouse, we control the motion of pointer in two dimensions in a graphical user interface (GUI). By clicking keys on mouse, one can select a file, image or program or it can also select a specific action from a list of different options.

Computer Mouse

  • Hard Disk:

It is a mass storage device which is used to store the data or any program permanently. The data stored on a hard disk will not loss even if we turn off the computer.

Hard Disk

  • Central Processing Unit:

It is the most important hardware of any computer which is responsible for speed and performing all the calculations by a computer. It executes the software program instructions. It is often referred as processor. It has two main parts:

  • Arithmetic Logic Unit: It performs the arithmetic and logical operations.

  • Control Unit: It extracts instructions from memory and execute them.


  • Motherboard:

It is the main circuit board to which all the other hardware are connected directly or indirectly. In some motherboards, some hardware are built in ( i.e. sound cards).


  • Random Access Memory (RAM):

It is a fast storage which is directly accessible by CPU. It is used to store all the programs that are being executed currently, It is also used to store the data that is immediately needed.


  • Power Supply Unit:

Power Supply Unit convert the AC(Alternating Current) in DC(Direct Current) for the of internal components of computer. Some power supplies have manual selector for input voltage, while most of power supplies adjust the input voltage automatically.

Power Supply


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