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Computer Connectors

Computer Connectors

Computer connectors are the connectors which are used for the purpose of communication with computers. These connectors are connected to ports on the motherboard. Following are some major connectors which are used commonly with computers:

USB Connectors:

These connectors are used to connect several devices with computer. These are commonly rectangular in shape. These connectors are used to connect:

  • USB Flash Drive.
  • Media Players.
  • Digital Cameras.
  • Mouse and keyboards are also connected using USB connectors.


Following are types of USB connectors:

  • Square USB connectors: It is used to connect printers and external hard drives.
  • Micro-USB connectors: These are used to connect portables media players and Mobile phones.
  • Male-Female connectors: These are used to extend the length of wire of USB connectors. At one end of the cable, there is male connector and the female connector at the other end.
  • USB convertor connector: These connectors are used to connect a hardware that don't have USB connector at its end. Thus, these converters are used for the purpose of connecting that hardwares with computer.

USB Connectors

Audio Connectors:

These connectors are used to connect audio devices such as speakers and headphones. Following are its two major types:

  • 3.5 mm headphone jack: The common audio connector is 3.5 mm audio jack. This connector is not only used in computing but it is also used extensively in mobile technology. Most of the speakers and headphones have this connector through which they are connected with computer. Microphone connector is f pink color while speaker connector is of green color.
  • Digital Optical Audio: These are special kind of connectors which are used to connect high quality audio devices. These connectors are usually connected through fiber optics cable, thus they transmit high quality digital audio. Most of the computers does not have ports for connecting these connectors. But mini-toslink converter can be used to connect these connectors.

Headphone jack

Video Connectors:

Following are some popular video connectors which are used to connect video devices with computers:

  • VGA: This connector is commonly used to connect monitors and high definition LCDs for display. It has 15 pins in it through which signals travels. We can also use this connector for connecting computer to laptop and projectors.
  • DVI Connector: These connectors are available in modern computers. These are also used to connect monitors or other display devices. It has mostly 29 pins in it.
  • S-video: These are known as super video or separate video connectors. These have 4 to 9 pins in them and are commonly round in shape. These are used to connect DVD players or other video devices.

Video Connectors

Data Connectors:

These connectors are used for tranferring data at high speed. Following are some of its types:

  • Firewire IEEE: This connector is a alternative of USB connector which is used to connect camcorders and external hard drives to computer. These allow the data transfer at much faster rate.
  • eSata Connector: This connector is used to connect external hard disk to motherboard directly. Motherboards have its slots where it can be connected. It allows data transfer at much faster rate as compares to USB and firewire.


Ethernet Connector:

It is the standard connector which is used to connect internet to computer. It is also known as RJ-45 connector. It consists of 8 individual small wires which are encapsulated in single cover sheet. These 8 wires are attached to this connector which is then inserted into computer.

Ethernet Connector


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