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Components Of Information Technology

Components Of Information Technology

Technology is playing a vital role in our life. It has become a driving force in our society which is controlling many things and it is also setting trends for a better way of living. We use a lot of equipments in our daily life which serve us by providing ease in performing our routine tasks.

Technology can be grouped together in following three types:

  1. Computer Technology.
  2. Communication Technology.
  3. Reprographic, Micrographic and Printing Technology.

1. Computer Technology:

A lot of peoples use computers daily, in many ways, all around the world. The extensive use of computer technology has made vital developments in information transmission process in every field of our life. Computers are serving us in a variety of ways and in different manners. We can use internet to connect to a person who is living in other corner of this world.

Computer Technology

The recent developments in computer technology includes mini-computers, portable computers, super computers, speaking computers with IQS. Artificial intelligence, software developments, robotics and machine readable databases are considered to be vital in the current era.

2. Communication Technology:

It has following four parts:

  • Audio Technology:

Because of some vital improvements and inventions in the field of audio, the old gramophones technology is now extinct, and more sophisticated cassettes and recorders are emerging.

Audio Technology

  • Audio-Visual Technology:

This technology provides us both audible and visible data together. Motion pictures, television and videodiscs are main contributions by this technology.

Audio Visual Technology

  • Facsimile Transmission (Fax):

Sometimes called telecopying , it is the telephonic transmission of scanned printed material (both text and images), normally to a telephone number connected to a printer or other output device. This technology has been boosted by the methods of data compression which are being made possible by reliable and inexpensive electronics.

Fax Technology

  • Electronic Mail:

It is the method of sending or receiving electronic message by one person to one or many recipients. Many web pages are providing this service without any charges. It is the fastest way of sending a message to any corner of this world.


3. Reprographic, Micrographic and Printing Technologies:

  • Reprography:

This technology is playing a vital role in document delivery from one place to another. Many research libraries have reprographic machines which provide photocopy of any document which is demanded. Through this technology, we can also compress the heavy archives and newspapers to solve the storage issues.


  • Micrography:

It is a technique of taking micrograph which is a photograph or digital image taken through a microscope or any similar device to show a magnified image of an item.


  • Printing Technology:

Thousands of years ago, people recognized the necessity of keeping records of their daily activities. Paper was invented and the art of writing and record keeping came to be defined. At present, lasers and computers have entered the field of printing. Computer printers have three categories which are printers, dot matrix printer, and laser printers. Laser printers are most popular today.

Printing Technology


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