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Ways of Mobile Marketing

Ways of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is growing rapidly with time. More than 4 billion people in the world are using mobile phones therefore it is considered as an important constituent of marketing campaign for the time being. As the cellular phones are used by people from different market segments and diverse background therefore marketers have devised different ways of mobile marketing. Here are the some of the ways which are widely used for the purpose of promotion on the cell phones.


SMS (Short Message Service) and MMS (Multimedia Message Service) are used worldwide. Millions of messages in the form of text, images, audio and video are sent and received daily. As the users have always mobile phones with them therefore above 90% of the mobile users check their inbox and read the messages. It gives an opportunity to the marketers to promote their product with a more interactive medium.


Mobile web marketing

As the users of mobile phones also uses internet on their phones therefore businesses must focus on creating a mobile version of websites. The customers can easily access to the company's websites for the search of information if it is compatible with mobile phones. Banner ads are mostly placed on the company's websites; again these ads must be design by keeping in mind the compatibility with mobile phones.


Mobile applications and games

The use of smart phones is increasing with time therefore the trend of using applications and playing games is also increasing. Most of these applications and games are free and business can promote their products by placing ads on these applications and games. Most of the companies are also sponsoring the entire games or applications to drive consumer engagement.

QR Codes

QR (Quick response) codes are like barcodes which you can read using an application and the phones camera. Each QR code contains some information about a product or it may also contain the link to a website. When the user read the codes with their phone it connects the user with product or company's website directly without putting any type of URL or website in the address bar or search it on the Google.

Location Based Services

Location based service is also a kind of mobile marketing Advertisers can send their messages or multimedia content to their targeted customers in a particular location by using this service. The location is detected with the GPS and then messages are sent to them. This service is also widely used by companies to promote their products and services.


Mobile marketing can also be done via Bluetooth. As the Bluetooth requires consent of recipients before sending anything therefore consumers view this service as a good way of promotion.



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