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Pros and Cons of Banner Advertisements

Pros and Cons of Banner Advertisements

If you have spent any time on surfing on internet then you surely have experienced banner advertisements. These ads are on the top, bottom and the sides of the websites in different formats. Banner ads are simply HTML embedded codes with text and image which take the user from one site to another. All of these ads share a common function that is when user click on these ads it takes the user to advertisers websites therefore it is considered as an important type of online advertising for increasing the traffic of your website. The main objectives of these ads are same like the traditional advertising that is to promote their products or services by these ads.


Let's look at some of the pros of banner advertisements.

  • The banner ads have images and it has taken a prominent surface on the internet therefore it is considered as a most visible online marketing strategy.
  • The effectiveness of these ads depends upon the brand of the advertisements. If it's an established brand and easily recognized by the viewers then by adding attractive pictures these advertisements can easily seek the attention of viewers.
  • Banner ads are cost effective in terms that you pay for cost per impressions like the TV, outdoor advertising or print advertising. Thus there is chance that a lot of people will go through your ads.
  • In the banner ads you can have diverse options from simple ads to dynamic animated ads therefore you can choose the ad according to your business requirements and budgets also you have multiple options of size available.

There are also some cons of banner ads which are given as follow.

  • The banner advertisements are on the basis of cost per thousands impressions so it does not mean that whoever is shown to your ads is more or less click the ads or give attention to your ads so we can say that conversion rate is low in it.
  • If you want to make your ads more attractive then it also cause you cost of hiring a graphic designer.
  • As there are lots of banner ads on the internet so these ads create a clutter.
  • Users on the internet have limited attention span and most often they used to ignore all the ads on the top, bottom or side of the webpages.

Banner ads are not the bad option as long as you know the ad works. You can use it effectively with pay per click advertising to see which of your ads are more clicked by the users. Keep testing your pay per click advertising and then convert the best of your ads into banner ads.


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