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Top 5 free blogging sites

Top 5 free blogging sites

A blog is a great way to express your thoughts, feelings and the experiences that you have learnt from your life. You can tell stories about your life, share insights if you are expert in something and to inform clients about your offerings. Blogging has got extensive importance by time and now people create and share the content in the form of images, text, videos and audio formats by using different blogging platforms. There are hundreds of blogging platforms which are available online and also available free with many of its features. Let's have a look at the top 5 of these free blogging sites.

1. Blogger

If you are serious about blogging and don't have HTML, webhosting and other technical knowhow then blogger is the best tool to take a start-up. Google Blogger is a well known blogging platform that offers many features to its users. Blogger let you customize plenty of details, such as fonts, colors, page widths, and background images. You can write and format text with simple tools and buttons without using HTML or some other code with ease and customization. With blogger you can have also access to other tools of Google like Google analytics through which you can have stats about the visitors on your blog.


2. Wordpress.com

Webpress.com provides the most features as compared to the other blogging sites. It offers many features in its free version which includes traffic stats, anti-spam filters, SEO, wide assortment of themes and more. It is ideal for bloggers at all level, though it takes time to learn about its rich features but it would give you a much better experience. Many popular blogs including CNN's Political Ricker, People Magazine's Style watch and flicker uses the platform of wordpress.com.


3. Posterous

Posterous is an ideal place for the beginning bloggers and micro bloggers to have a start up and post rapidly. It has an easy to use interface. Although it doesn't have deeper controls and tools like blogger and wordpress.com but it provides simplicity in designing and maintaining your blog. The additional feature of posterous is that you can even post it via text message. Posterous integrates with other form of social media and social networking websites like facebook, twitter, flicker, linkedIn and Youtube in an exceptional way.


4. Tumblr

Tumblr is the same blogging platform like posterous as you can post microblogs rapidly by using it. It aims to attract the attention of new bloggers by providing them better designs and maintenance platform. Tumblr comes with many outstanding and interesting features including audio blogging, free custom domains and hundreds of amazing blog themes. You can also create community powered group blogs with tumblr.


5. Blog.com

Blog.com is powered by wordpress blogging platform. It is famous for its beautiful themes which are available in its free account, as well as advanced plugins which one can expect only on the self-hosted website. It provides 2 GB of free space in its basic plan as compared to the 3 GB of free storage space provided by wordpress.com. The free service displays more ads and you can opt for paid upgrades to remove these updates.



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