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Tips for Marketing the Blog

Tips for Marketing the Blog

Once you start blogging, you will soon want to increase the traffic of your website. It's not a matter few nights; you have to work a lot to get more visitors at your blog. First you have to create the blog and then control it in the best manner. Marketing is also the part of control activity that would increase the number of visitors on your blogs.


Let's have a look at some of the tips for marketing your blog.

  • For each type of content you must think about the keywords associated with the content that you want to post. Use tools like Google analytics and Google suggest to find the keywords which are most commonly used. Choose more specific and long tail key phrases along with popular keywords to achieve high search rankings on the search engine result pages.
  • Customize the appearance of your blog with the brand logo and different page template so that your blog would be differentiated from the other bloggers. Keep the color and theme consistent with your blog so that a separate brand image would be created about your blog.
  • Keep your blog site easy to use so that visitors would not have to think more about it. Include the sitemaps and friendly help pages that guide the visitor to navigate the site and the related content which he wants to explore. Most of the popular blog hosts allow you to create customized menu to file your content into different sections so use them to organize your content. You can also add blog search bar to make it simpler.
  • Your content or blog would have more coverage if you make it shareable to different social networking sites like facebook, twitter, reddit, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media websites. Include the widgets and buttons on your blogs so that visitors not only read it but also share it with others. RSS subscription options for your site also allow your site to make more shareable.
  • Build quality backlinks by submitting articles to article directories, contributing to popular platforrns and writing guest posts on other popular blogs. By building quality backlinks with your website you will also gain improve in the ranking of your site.
  • You must post the content regularly and consistently so that visitors would be engaged with your blog. The posting of the content is consistent in a way that you don't have to post 5 times a day or nothing for several weeks.
  • Comment on the relevant blogs that would be helpful and valuable for the reader. It helps you to build more traffic to your blog site as reader would be interested in knowing about you and your blog if they find something valuable and useful in your comment.
  • You must allow readers to comment on your post, and always respond to their comment. The reply for the comment must be in friendly and polite manner and also try to engage with them in conversation.

If you follow the above marketing tips for your blog then you would definitely attain more visitors on your website.


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