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Blogs and its types

Blogs and its types

The term blog is derived from web log. It is a web based content management system which has a simple user interface and you can post content on it. It would be content of any type including images, text and videos. The posts in the blogs are typically in the reverse chronological order that is the post which are posted most resent are displayed on the top or on the front page.


The blogs are now used by many businesses to promote their products and they have hired experienced people for this purpose. Blogs are not only used just for the commercial purposes but also many of the bloggers just post it for the purpose of fun and writing daily diaries. With the advent of web 2.0, blogging has got the boom and now it is famous as it's the easy way to share content. RSS fields and other social media tools also provide an opportunity to share your content with others. Let's have a look at some of the types of blogs.

Personal Blogs

The personal blog is an ongoing diary or a commentary written by an individual. In the personal blogs people share interesting things about their life or the ongoing experiences about different events. The free suggestion or the compiled information from different sources are also posted in the personal blogs. These personal blogs are not only to share interesting things but also bloggers make money by these blogs.


In MicroBlogs small pieces of digital content are posted in the form of text, pictures, links, short videos, or other media on the internet. As microblogging are in the form of short content therefore it readily captures the attention of reader. It feels the natural and spontaneous to the readers therefore it would create a better impact on the mind of readers. Friends use it to keep in touch, businesses use it to coordinate meeting or promote some content via posting links and celebrities, politicians and authors microblogs about their concert dates, lectures, book releases or tour schedules. Posting a status on facebook and tweeting on the twitter is also considered as microblogging.

Corporate Blogs

Blogs are also used for the business purpose by corporations and organizations. They use it internally to enhance the communication and culture in a corporation and externally to create brand awareness, promote their product or for the public relations purposes. These blogs are managed by professionals as it represents a business. Blogs also helped out small business as they would considered as an expert in the industry. It would also help to have a word of mouth or referral marketing.

Group Blogs

These types of the blogs represent a group of people from different interest groups. Sports, entertainment, politics, lifestyle, science, philosophy and many other types of group blogs are posted. Group blogs also serve as a community and you can have access to the community of certain interest groups through these blogs.


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