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Pros and Cons of Blogging

Pros and Cons of Blogging

Blogging is now attained an immense importance. Different types of blogs like personal blogs, organizational blogs and group blogs are seen everywhere. It provide the platform to share your views openly but that level of freedom sometimes have worse effect therefore we can say that it has both ends of advantages and disadvantages.


Let's have a look at some of the pros and cons of blogging.


  • Starting a blog is easy, as you don't need to have any membership or the cost to begin. You also don't need to write the development code and also to not have know how of the technical tools with the help of free blogging platforms like blogger and wordpress.com. Posting something on a blog is as simple as sending an Email therefore you don't need to be a technology savvy to start blogging.
  • As the most of the part of business websites are static and you don't always update the content. Blogs help you out by providing the place to always post the updated stuff and also you can add about latest offerings without any need of changing in the code of page. As blogs are updated frequently therefore visitors come back to your website again to read the stuff.
  • The potential readership is limitless therefore your message would be delivered to many people. You don't have to stick with market of certain areas or places like in the newspapers and magazines but you have worldwide audience.
  • Blogs allows you to create something valuable and that would help you to attain the expert position in the industry. For instance if you have a workshop of repairing cars then by posting frequently about the technical details of your work help you out to be placed as an industry expert in the mind of readers and that would result in converting them into customers.
  • If you are blogging just for fun and to write something then it also helps you out in the development of your writing skills. You also have a freedom to write whatever you think, without even rejection by the publisher like in the newspapers and magazines. It would also help you to acquire more knowledge as you also search about the things while writing something online.


  • Although starting a blog is an easy task but the difficult task is to maintain that blog. You need to be frequent and consistent in updates; if you don't do so then you would lose the attention of your readers.
  • You don't always have the valuable stuff to be shared on your blogs and this thing turned out to be cons of blogging.
  • A blog is a reflection of your business therefore you must need someone who is expert in blogging and can write the stuff which is worth engaging and interesting for the readers. If you are posting on your blog haphazardly without making the content relevant and interesting then that would have adverse impact not only on your blog but also on the business.
  • Blogging takes a lot of time and patience. Your blog would not become a hit in overnight but you need a consistent and long term effort to take it at the top.


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