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Creating buzz by Viral Marketing

Creating buzz by Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is also called as word of mouth marketing. In the viral marketing different channels like internet and mobile phones are used to spread message instantly across the users of that channels. The main objective of marketers who wants to pursue viral marketing is to influence the people who have a high social networking potential. If the marketers get successful in appealing those influential or reference groups people, then the message would spread like a fire and buzz is created within a short span of time. Viral marketing campaigns are mostly used when there is a high competition in the market or the company is new in market and it wants to spread out the signal of its presence among the market.


The process is called viral because it is same like the viruses which are self replicating. Self replicate means it creates on its own after once the message is created and deployed through the appropriate channel. The following factors must be kept in mind while creating a successful viral marketing campaign.

  • First of all you must figure out what is the main objective of your campaign whether it would be create a short term sale, increasing brand awareness or downsize the competitors. Whatever the objective of campaign you must need to be stick with it.
  • Research should be done before creating a viral marketing campaign. You must figure out what are the points that touches at the heart of people and indulges your customers in spreading the message across the media. Behavior analysis, fads, trends and mega trends of the society also need to be check out. If you do a poor job in the aspect of research then there is a very low chance of turning the marketing campaign into viral.
  • Creativity is very important while making some campaign viral. If you have creative content whether it would be humorous, adventurous or wonderful it would definitely embark the consumer's heart. The strategy of creativity in viral marketing is to remain simple and target on the common touch points of the customers as the common things if amplify creatively has the best potential for a greater impact.
  • If you are giving anything free and that thing also possess some value then definitely it would also go viral. The best example is the success of Hotmail messenger. They attached a small tag with every email that is Get your private, free email at http://www.hotmail.com, this message when sent at the recipient end they always opened that box and had instantly signup. This thing went viral and Hotmail got succeeded in getting millions of members. The same thing happened with Seth Godin's book which has millions of downloads. By giving something free you can create a non stop buzz about your product.
  • In the viral marketing, videos play an important role on the internet. You have see the things like "Gangnam Style" , "Harlem shake" advertisement and "kony 2012 " documentary to be spread like viral on internet. The common things in all these are freshness, uniqueness and the selection of appropriate channel. These videos go viral with YouTube where thousands of videos are updates daily. The point is you must have something that differentiate your from others and boost your viral campaign.
  • The campaign that you have designed must have a capability to go viral easily. It means that the public would not require any effort to communicate your message to others. Videos must have a call to action of sharing and the eBooks that you have made available to free download should not be of larger size and it can be easily emailed.


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