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Advantages and Disadvantages of E-commerce

Advantages and Disadvantages of E-commerce

E-commerce has become global way of doing business. As technology is covering distance, e-commerce is also expanding its boundaries. It has several advantages as well as some disadvantages.


Expanding Business Boundaries:

E-commerce is playing an important role in expanding the boundaries of a business. Through internet, we can make contact to every corner of the world. When we are connected to internet, we are connected to the whole world.

Provides Better Customer Service:

Through e-commerce, we can provide much better service to our customers, at their door step. Internet is much cheep as compared to other communication media, thus we can save our customer, both time and money. The companies which are using e-commerce, have competitive advantages on those which are not using this technology.

advantages Of eCommerce

Cost Effective and Economical:

E-commerce is less expensive as compared to other medias. We can cut down cost of marketing, inventory management and customer care. With the help of e-commerce, we don't have to establish a large setup for starting or running a business. We can also collect the information about our customers, very easily.

High margin of Profit:

As e-commerce is less expensive, thus it maximizes the profit of a business. With the use of e-commerce, cost of processing the order is minimal, hence, profit will be greater.

Online Shopping:

It is perhaps the biggest use of e-commerce. We can buy anything on internet. All we need is just to have an internet connection and a debit card, we can buy anything. That thing will also be delivered to our door step.

advantages Of eCommerce

No need of a physical shop:

The businesses which are using e-commerce, do not need a physical store. They just put the details of their products on their website and then sell it.

Variety of Products:

A lot of products are sell and bought using internet. There is a large variety of products, we can compare several products and then buy the most economical product.

24/7 Service:

We can be connected to our customers all time. Our customer can visit our site any time and they can place their order any time.

advantages Of eCommerce


Following are some disadvantages of e-commerce:

Internet dependency:

We will be connected to whole world, as long as our internet connection is working. If our internet connection will break down, we cannot process any transaction.

Absence of Physical Product to feel:

We can just see the picture of a specific product, or we can just read its specifications, but we cannot touch it physically till it reaches us. That's why many people are afraid to buy anything online, because they have fear that their purchased product could be different from their expectation.

Strong competition:

There are a lot of businesses running online. Thus, there is large number of competitors. Since, in e-commerce we are in global market, we are not only connected to several customers but we are also facing several competitors.

disadvantages Of eCommerce


Businesses which are running Online, have to face several security issues. There are a lot of hackers which can hack or damage our website.


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