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Twisted Pair Cable

A twisted pair cable consist of a pair of conductors (usually cooper) wound around each other and each conductor having its own insulation. One of the conductors is used to carry signal while the other one is used only as ground reference.

Coaxial Cable

Coaxial Cable has a central core conductor of solid wire (usually cooper). That wire is enclosed in an insulating sheath, which is in turn enclosed in an outer conductor of metal foil.

Transmission Media

Transmission media is the medium through which signal is passed during transmission.

Banker's Algorithm

The resource allocation graph algorithm is applicable to system in which each resource has only one instance. But in contrast, Banker's Algorithm is applicable to system in which each resource has multiple instances. But Banker's algorithm is less efficient than resource allocation graph algorithm.

Safe State Algorithm

A safe state algorithm allocates resources to process in some ascending order and do not lead to a deadlock. A system is in safe state when there is a safe sequence.

Deadlock Recovery

After the detection of the deadlock, the system is recovered from deadlock. There are several methods of deadlock recovery.

Deadlock Detection

If a system does not use deadlock prevention or deadlock avoidance, then it must use deadlock detection algorithm. In this algorithm, deadlock is detected and then system is recovered from deadlock situation.

Deadlock Avoidance

In deadlock avoidance, system has advanced knowledge about the future use of the resources. For example, a system has two processes (P and Q) and two resources (tape drive and printer).

Resource Allocation Graph

Resource allocation graph is a directed graph which is used to describe the deadlock in a precise way.

Deadlock Prevention

Modifying or changing the ways of resource allocation in order to ensure that at least one of the four necessary conditions is violated, is called Deadlock prevention.

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